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Howdy! I'm Sonya!

Sonya LooneyI'm an outdoor adventure athlete and  American mountain biker, born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I'm passionate about cycling, adventure travel, personal growth, plant-based nutrition, health and wellness, and being of service to others to help them find the best and bravest version of themselves.  I grew up playing tennis, soccer, playing in the school band for 6 years and focusing on school.  I finished my BS in Electrical Engineering from UNM in 2005 and moved to Boulder, CO for graduate school.  I raced my first full season as a pro mountain biker in 2006, focusing on XC.  I started cycling in 2003, stemming from spin classes at the gym!  I first rode a bike for cross training for marathon running.  Once I found the mountain bike, I was totally addicted.

In 2007, I finished my Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and went to work as a solar design engineer for a start-up in Boulder, CO.  I found endurance racing in 2009, a marketing job in the bike industry, and never looked back!

My favorite distances are the 75-100 mile days and 7 day races.  I love the adventure and the mental aspect of endurance racing.  I found stage racing in 2011 with the Breck Epic and since then, I have been seeking out the hardest single day and multi-day stage races in the world.  The type of people that travel and endure the challenge of a stage race are special, and I love to call that my international community.

Personally, racing is about testing my personal limits, expanding my global frame of reference, and seeing the world.  I have learned more about life and myself from racing and the relationships I've built through racing.  I've met some of the most courageous, inspiring people at races and even met my husband at a bike race!   I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't picked up a mountain bike just before my 20th birthday.  My goal is to lead by example and be a resource for people who want to live a life in alignment with their core values and passions.

Cycling has taught me how to deal with failure, the value of patience, the ability to be honest with myself and take responsibly for myself, to laugh at myself (taking yourself too seriously is a problem!), to overcome fear, given me confidence, the fact that anything is possible but you have to be brave enough to try, a positive attitude and perseverance are the keys to success in any situation, moving forward is the only option, the most important things in life are personal relationships, and there is only person responsible for living the life you imagined; YOU.

My slogan "Be Brave. Do Epic Shit" is about breaking outside your comfort zone and trying on new challenges and experiences that you've always wanted to do.  Along the journey, there are always ups and downs, but being curious about our mindset is what makes it interesting.  There are times I've been frustrated and wanted to give up, but that's where the real opportunity to dig a little deeper has given me strength and shown me what I'm capable of.



Why do I race? While I love to battle for that top spot on the podium, the race result is minor compared to the experience.

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