Hi! I'm a World Endurance Champion and I eat a whole foods plant-based diet. I attribute my success not only to my hard work in the saddle, but to my focus and knowledge on diet and wellness.

Plant-Based Athlete and Lifestyle

Being a plant-based athlete has helped me recover faster, improved blood flow, and made me stronger!  Diet can be so confusing.  I changed mine because I was worried about diseases.

There are thousands of peer-reviewed medical and research journals outlining that most of our health issues and can be prevented with a plant-based or vegan diet.  Lifestyle changes aren't easy, but changing mine enabled me to win a World Championship, gave me the energy and mental clarity to start my own business, and has contributed to helping me become the best version of myself.

I am very passionate about it because it can literally save your life!  I love that I am giving myself every chance to live a long, healthy life.  I no longer worry about diseases like cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  It's empowering to know that I am in control of what happens to my body because of the food I choose to put in it.

I love the way I eat and I love cooking plant-based meals for friends that come over. I enjoy food and flavors more than ever.  And I know I’m also making a much smaller footprint on the environment.  I spend a lot of time outdoors in the forests, mountains, deserts, and jungles around the world and knowing that my choices are helping the greater good makes me feel like I am contributing to the world in a positive way.

I created a facebook group called the Plant-Powered Tribe.  Everyone is welcome no matter what your diet is (from pure vegans to vegetarians to people who eat meat!)  It's an inclusive space where we can share plant-based recipes, ideas, nutrition information, stories and more! I want to build community around healthy eating because it helps us stay on track and what we put in our body effects every part of our lives!